Fresh & Loud Catering Logo

fresh-n-loud-logoAn advertisement wrapped around a logo for some friends’ nascent catering business. Maybe for some flyers, and maybe for a website and t-shirts.

I traced the car in Adobe Illustrator out of MANY objects spread over several layers:

  • foreground wheels
  • radiator, front suspension, and motor
  • body shine and shadow
  • body basic shapes
  • interior
  • background wheels

I was itching to bring it into Photoshop for the practiced ease of throwing gloss, shadow, and other details with Airbrushing, but wanted it to remain fully scalable for printworthiness. Thus, I got my reps in attempting to replicate some effects with Gradients on irregular shapes with interesting Copy Modes.

Text was treated with Warp: Arch, both up and down (i.e.: +/- Bend %).